Before You Leave on Your Next Family Vacation


3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed

by Polly in Planning

Family vacations are a lot of fun and a source of good memories, but they can also be stressful if you aren’t prepared.  Here are a couple of tips to help you get ready for your next vacation and leave the stress at home.

Organize Your Receipts

Having copies of your receipts while traveling is a good thing.  It helps avoid confusion and helps you quickly identify reservation numbers in case there is any questions once you arrive.

Depending on the type of family vacation, you can have receipts for flights, hotels, tours/excursions, shows, and restaurants.  There can also be agreements or contracts you had to sign for things like home or condo rentals.

So to make your vacation go smoother, it’s a good idea to have all your receipts organized and easily available BEFORE you leave on your trip.

Since we live in an online world most of your receipts/agreements/contracts will be electronic and come to you via your email.

Leaving them stored in your main email inbox without some way of easily finding them can make finding them difficult and a potentially tense situation more tense, so organize them by filing them into email folders or using labels.

And if you want to be really safe and protect against having no cell signal or no WiFi, print copies and pack them in your day bag or purse (not your suitcase).

Know Where You Are Going & What You Need

For bigger more involved vacations that include a lot of short day trips, sightseeing tours, or dinner reservations a vacation itinerary may be helpful.

A vacation itinerary will help you see everything that is going on every day so that there is no confusion and so that everyone traveling can know what to expect.  And a really good one will spell out exactly what gear and supplies you need every day.

You can see an example of one I created a few years ago when we went on a cruise.

We were split between two rooms and I wanted an easy way for everyone to figure out what they needed each day and what times they had to be available and ready.  And since we didn’t have texting ability on the ship, I needed a way to help keep them focused.

There are smartphone apps that can do this for you or if you want other ideas for creating your own itinerary, just do a web search for “vacation itinerary template“.

Have a great vacation!  Hope this helps.


3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed