Making the Most of Wait Time


3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed

by Polly in Time Management

Waiting for our kids.  As parents we do a lot of this – waiting for dance class to end, waiting for the doctor to check a sprained ankle, or waiting between games at all day sporting events.

You get the idea.

If you look at the numbers, 2 kids in 2 activities each can easily add up to 4 hours of wait time alone each week.

That is a lot of time for a busy parent, time that if you are prepared and ready for can be really productive rather than a waste spent on social media.

So to help you make the most of your wait time, here are a few tips.

Tip #1 – Make a Go Bag

A Go Bag is simply a bag you use to hold things that you can do while you are waiting.  Fill it with things like a good book to read, the papers from your inbox, or just something fun you enjoy doing like puzzles or hobbies.

Tip #2 – Anticipate

The key to making your Go Bag effective is to anticipate in ADVANCE when you will need it and having it filled and ready to go before you leave.

You can do this by incorporating the practice of reviewing your schedule into your morning and evening routines and asking yourself questions like

“What is on my schedule tomorrow/today and how much wait time will I have?”

“What can I do while I wait?”

“What supplies or things will I need?”

“Is everything I need in my Go Bag?”

Tip #3 – Let Your Task Organizer Help

Use your task organizer to help you focus in on tasks that you can do while you wait.

You can do this in electronic task organizers by adding a tag titled “While I Wait” or if you use a paper based system, go through and mark those wait kind of tasks with a W.

That way while you are out and find yourself with some open time you can quickly sort or scan your task list to find tasks to get done.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Using wait time for something other than scrolling through social media can help you be more productive and help calm that overwhelm feeling that tends to creep into your life when you get behind.  It is just a matter of being prepared and ready.

Good luck!


3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed