My February 2018 Goals


3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed

by Polly in Goal Setting

I wanted to try something new this week. Sarah over at the SHU box has inspired me to do this. She shares her monthly goals and plans on her blog and I have found that I really enjoy reading about all her ambitious plans. So I decided to share my goals (though not nearly as ambitious) too. Next month I will report out (eek!) on how I did.

So here we go.


Visit Mom – My 89 year old mother doesn’t travel anymore, so if I want to see her (and I do!) then I need to make an 11 hour weekend round trip to see her in Pennsylvania. I try and make it back every 4-6 weeks.

Valentine’s Day – Every year I try and do something small and special for my family on Valentine’s Day. Small gifts, heart shaped pancakes, etc. So this year will be the same. Just not sure what yet…

Visit Jennifer at School – My daughter Jennifer is at college about an hour away from home and we want to make a small road trip to go see her and take her out to dinner and maybe take in a college basketball game. She doesn’t get home as often as Katie, so a trip to see her would be nice.

Finish Watching Godless with Joe – Joe and I usually don’t have a lot in common when it comes to TV, but we have been trying to find some common ground and time together watching certain TV shows. We are currently in the middle of Godless, so I want to make sure we spend some time together this month finishing it.


Digital Decluttering – Ugh. I have accumulated way too many files on my computer and need to get things cleaned up. I started this in January, but really want to get it cleaned up and a strategy developed for organizing everything that remains.

Declutter Library – Ugh again. We have so much stuff in this room that I hate to walk into it anymore. There is a drawer filled with power cords from multiple devices that we don’t even have anymore. Plus craft supplies, office supplies, and a bunch of other stuff that I need to go through and decide what stays and what goes.


2018 Budget and Review of Financial Plan – Joe and I try and do this every year. We will talk about what we can and cannot afford to do this year in terms of travel and home upgrades as well as how much we are saving for retirement and our plans for funding college tuition. This isn’t difficult per se but Joe and I have different outlooks on what things should be a priority (for example he wants to use our spending money on travel and fun and I want to spend it on updating things around the house…), but in the end it all gets worked out and we each usually get a little bit of what we both want.

Personal and Health

Workout 12 Times – I am really trying to build the habit of exercise into my life. It isn’t all that easy because I would much rather sit on the couch with a good book, but I am working on it. I got to the gym about 13 times last month and hope to do the same this month (which is about an average of 3 times per week)

Read Two Books – I am usually in bed by 8:30 every night and read before falling asleep. Sometimes I will also read in the morning with my coffee. My hope is to finish two books this month – one fiction and one non-fiction.

Average 7 Hours of Sleep Each Night – I tend to be very disciplined about getting my sleep because if I don’t then I’m not so much fun to be around. So getting on average 7 hours hopefully won’t be too big a deal. I will try and wear my Fit Bit and track my actual hours so that we can see how I did.

Conquering the Chaos – Working on a mini course that I would really like to get done and send 4 weekly emails.

Friendships – I want to have some friends over for dinner in March, so I will have to start to get that organized later this month. Coordinating schedules with all our couple friends can be a hassle…

Okay, so that is it. What do you think? Email me and let me know.

Take care,



3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed