One of My Favorite Organizing Tools


3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed

by Polly in Planning

Okay, so today I want to give you some insight into how I use one of my all-time favorite organizing tools – a good old fashioned spiral bound notebook.

It’s nothing glamorous or sophisticated. Just the standard college ruled notebook my kids use every day in school. I pick up a few when we buy school supplies and use them to help keep me organized.

Here is how I use mine

I use 3 different notebooks – one for my personal life (including family and home), one for Conquering the Chaos, and one for my day job. I tend to compartmentalize things in my mind into different buckets of my life and for whatever reason I like to keep them separate in notebooks as well. I think it is less overwhelming for me and easier to find specific notes.

My personal one is filled with notes for birthday celebrations, Christmas and holiday plans, and notes from school or committee meetings I attend. I like having everything in one spot. I also use it to flush out ideas I have for my personal goals.

My Conquering the Chaos one is used to flush out project or content ideas, keep a list of blog content ideas, and capture any notes from classes I have taken or meetings I have had.

I use my work notebook for meeting notes, to jot down quick assignments from my boss, and to also flush out my thoughts and ideas on specific projects I am working on.

I don’t use them to keep track of my do list, but it is certainly a viable option for do list tracking. I don’t journal, but if I did it would work well for that too!

My personal and Conquering the Chaos notebooks are stored in my command center in my home and my work notebook is stored in my inbox on my desk at work. That way I always know where they are at and can quickly access them when I need them. If I had to hunt through drawers to find them, I probably wouldn’t use them. Access to them has to be easy.

And lastly, every week during my weekly review (sometimes daily depending on how much is going on), I go through each of them to review my notes, capture any tasks in my task organizer, and just to reflect on what I have written down.

You can see a page from my notebook here and how I used it to take notes for my niece’s wedding (my sister is a bit of a control freak…)

Hope this helps! Have a great week.



3 Things You Can Do to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed